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Asinara Island

With a sailboat you can access the Marine Protected Area (sailing only, no engine) and moor at one of the many buoy fields, with prior communication to the operator Cormorano Marina (also VHF). After mooring to the buoy, you can disembark, with the dinghy, to the nearest pier. Bring nautical charts and be careful not to navigate in zone A, indicated by yellow signs and buoys.


Download: itinerary-asinara.pdf

Cala Reale

41°3.628’N – 8° 17.446’E

The name comes from the residence of the Savoy royalty, who sometimes visited the isolation hospital next to the bay. Cala della Reale, better known as Cala Reale, is a large harbour that meanders into the central-northern part of the eastern coast of Asinara.

Here, there is a little port, a docking place for motorboats and vessels arriving from Porto Torres and Stintino, and a village dating back to the 19th century. The buildings, once a criminal colony, isolation hospital, hospital and quarantine station, became headquarters of the managing authority of the Asinara national park (residing in the former royal palace) and of the tourist services. Nearby, the church and the recently restructured little Austrian-Hungarian chapel are worth visiting.

Cala d'Oliva

41°4.760’N – 8°20.272’E

Cala d'Oliva houses an important little port with the same name, one of the main landing points on Asinara, together with Cala Reale and Fornelli.

The area is important for two reasons. Firstly, because of the two splendid beaches that are found here, composed of white sand lapped by a fabulous sea. one is found to the south of the promontory, called Sa Murighessa or of the 'Detenuti' (Prisoners). the other is in the north, near to the village and the little port. And then the village, the only inhabited centre on Asinara is found close to Cala d'Oliva. Right behind the houses we find the buildings of the ex-penal colony, used today as premises for the Park Authority and the Centre for Environmental Education.

Boat Bay

41°3.424’N – 8°19.957’E

It is a fascinating beach characterized by clear white sand, rather fine, with the presence of some posidonia beached. The transparent sea has a shallow and sandy bottom. Present posidonia in limited quantities.

Beautiful low and sandy bottoms, with the presence of flora and fauna that lives undisturbed in these waters protected by the Asinara National Park and the Marine Protected Area. Behind the beach there is a flourishing spot.

Cala del Ponte Bianco

41° 4.450’ N – 8° 20.346’E

The beach is mainly rocky, with little sand with mainly medium grains, white in color. It looks out into a beautiful transparent sea with bright colors between blue and green, very interesting. It has a medium-low backdrop, with the presence of some rocks.

Particularly interesting is the marine fauna and flora present. Behind the beach we find the Mediterranean scrub with its beautiful colors and scents. The whole area is protected by the Asinara National Park and the Marine Protected Area.