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Costa Smeralda

Download: itinerary-costa-smeralda.pdf

Pevero beach

41°06’51.77”N - 9°32’26.69”E

Between Porto Nibani and Cala Romantica, in the gulf of Pevero (once the gulf of Pero) there is a wide, deep bay of the same name with clear water and transparent depths.

There are two beaches in the bay surrounded by Mediterranean scrub: the Grande Pevero and further north, the Piccolo. The sand is fine and white and the water is emerald green, with shallow waters close to the shore. The beach is fully equipped with parasols, sunloungers and catering facilities.

The gulf can be entered from the north, while those coming from the south will have to sail round the group of islands called Le Nibani, due to the shallows. The bay is popular with boat tourism and is safe shelter from the third and fourth quarter winds.

Liscia Ruja Bay

It is located between Punta Ligata and Cala Volpe and is the largest and best organised beach on the Costa Smeralda. Crystal-clear waters in an uninterrupted line of coves covered in flowers and Mediterranean scrub, including juniper and white lilies.

Behind Punta Ligata visit the beaches of Cala Petra Ruja and Cala Razza di Giunco. On 15th August, there is always a large, popular party at Liscia Ruja.

Cala di Volpe

41° 5'10.19"N, 09°32'28.16"E

In the geographical region of Gallura, in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, Cala di Volpe is a splendid natural harbour between the beaches of Razza du Junco and Capriccioli. It has four beaches, that are popular in the summer, that stretch to the inner part of the gulf, protected by winds and full of Mediterranean scrub, juniper, strawberry tree and mastic.

The white sand takes on a pink tinge close to the water's edge and the water is emerald green. Visit: Capriccioli, Punta di Capriccioli, Spiaggia dell’Elefante and the Le Camere islands, opposite Cala di Volpe, a mile from the coast. The bay is popular with boats and yachts and the vessels can only moor at the buoys on payment.

Mortorio Island

41° 4’20.59”N, 09°36’0.05”E

The Islands of Mortorio, Soffi, Le Camere and Le Nibani - part of the Maddalena National Park lie 3 nautical miles from Marina di Portisco, although they are not a part of the archipelago.

Sailing is prohibited around these islands, in order to conserve the flora and fauna and help their regrowth. Boats can be hired for daily excursions. Mortorio is the largest island in the group and, like the others, is entirely uninhabited.

Mooring in the Cala Orientale cove is preferable with westerly winds, while Cala Occidentale is preferable with easterly winds. The island of Soffi, smaller than Mortorio, has no beaches or deep coves.