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South Corsica

Download: itinerary-south-corsica.pdf

La Rondinara

41°28'24"N, 9 °15'46"E

In south Corsica, between Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio and just 20 km from the latter, there is the amazing Baia della Rondinara, with its turquoise waters, and red rock and fine sand beach.

It is paradise for scuba-divers, an ideal place for sailing fans and also a beach suitable for children. It is also normal sometimes to find harmless cows on the beach. The bay has a car park.

Isola Piana

41°22’16.79’’N – 9°13’44.13’’E

This island is small, located between Punta Sperone, the southern tip of Corsica, and Isola di Lavezzi. The colour of the sea is an endless combination of blue hues, from deep blue to turquoise, to aquamarine and then white in the shallow waters.

The strait dividing the island from Corsica is about 150 meters long and is a “natural swimming pool” that can be walked across. The island is mostly famous for its gullies, a bizarre geological formation that can be found south of Porto, in the municipality of Piana.

The red granite rocks rise about 400 meters above sea level, directly on the island’s coast. In 1983, the gullies were made a UNESCO heritage site, together with the nearby Golfo di Porto, Capo Girolata and the Scandola Nature Reserve.

Isole Lavezzi e Cavallo

41°40′25′′N, 9°15′20′′E 41°22′05′′N, 9°15′50′′E

Isola di Lavezzi, a UNESCO heritage site, and Cavallo, both in Corsica, offer an endless variety of natural granite sculptures, worked by the erosive action of the waves and wind in the Strait of Bonifacio. Lavezzi is a nature reserve and the main island in the archipelago of the same name, located immediately south of Isola di Cavallo, in the southeast of Corsica. It is a labyrinth of light- coloured granite, with endless, tiny bays.

Isola di Cavallo, just north of Lavezzi, is connected to the latter by a stretch of uncontaminated, wonderful sea. It is a natural paradise, all private, that is one of the most exclusive destinations in the Mediterranean. The white beaches, hidden between the rocks, look onto a sea where diving and snorkelling fans can easily come across, swordfish, dolphins, dusky groupers and sea too.

La Palombaggia

41°32’42.64’’N – 9°18’13.37’’E

The beach is 10 km south of Porto Vecchio and 39 km northeast of Bonifacio, at the southern tip of Corsica where the mountains drop into the sea. This corner of heaven has red rocks, white sand and green maritime pine trees, and is one of the most famous and attractive beaches on the whole island.

There are small, uninhabited islands off the beach, that make up the nature reserve of the Cerbicales islands. A place that is home to cormorants, most of all. The beach is very popular during the summer.